Images of Comet C/1999 S4 LINEAR

We propose here some images made at Observatoire de Dax. Most of them are done with our LX200, the others are done with a T318. If not specified, the images are made with the LX200.

All images are in jpg format. If you want our original images for any use, please contact us.

On every image, the north is on the top, the south on the bottom, the east on the left and the west on the right.

Maps of the trajectory of the comet are made with Skymap Pro v4.0.13.

We propose here an animation of the displacement of the comet. All images were made on July 21st. To see the animation, click here (1.3 Mo).

We propose here an animation of the rotation of the comet's tail during July. To download the animation, click here (379 ko).

You will find here some false colours images of the nucleus of the comet just before the disintegration and after it.

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