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IAU Code: 958
Longitude: 1░ 1' 49.8" W
Latitude: 43░ 41' 36.4" N

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The observatory was founded in 1976, it is a member of the Association Culturelle de Dax. This observatory is one of the first amator observatory of France thanks to its intruments and its different works (1982: creation of the first amator planÚtarium of France, 1997 : first discovery in the world by an amator of a comet with a CCD camera,  the history   (discovered together with Michel Meunier). Aquitaine's Headquatter of the Astronomical French Society , the observatory owns a meteo department, a lot of observation instruments, CCD cameras, a planetarium and more...

It is 20 years since the observatory takes part of the "Nuit des Etoiles". Each year, the observatory receives a lot of people which have an interest in astronomy. These people could visit our site and discover the beauty of the sky.

The observatory is also member of AUDE association, Association of Electronic Detector Users, this association is working to improve the use of CCD camera for amator. That is the reason why they have created the audine project.

The observatory is open for the public every friday nigth (after 21h). You can contact us by e-mail or you can write to us:

Association Culturelle de DAX
3 rue du Palais
40100 DAX
TÚl: 00 33 5 58 74 31 67
Observatoire de DAX
rue Pascal Lafitte
40100 DAX
TÚl: 00 33 5 58 56 14 47

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