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December 2010
          After several years of stand-by ..., observations resumed with the operation of the reflector 318mm F / 6 and the system MCMT II.
Pictures and some measurements of the asteroid 596 Scheila made in the month. CCD images
          Another page with the measurements of comets visible now. look !. and december work here

April 2005:

Update of the Planets'web pages with an animation of Jupiter made on the evening of 13 April 2005, with the LX200 + Barlow + Webcam. To see the animation look !.
January 2005:

Partial update of the web pages by Bernard. To see the installations Click here.

The start of the year was marked by the passage of the comet Machholz C/2004 Q2, photographed by the short focal length instrument mounted in parallel on the T250. Click here.

October 2004:

This month was marked by the total eclipse of the Moon, photographed by the junior members. Click here.

June 2004:

The transit of Venus gave the opportunity to make images with the webcam and show this phenomenon to those interested in the skies...
We have also added CCD images taken with the Audines KAF-400 and the KAF-1600.

May 2004:

The Audine KAF-1600 and a home made filter wheel have been used to make several colour images of the comet NEAT Q4 starting from the first days when it was visible in the northern hemisphere. The comet NEAT K4 has also been recorded..

April 2004:

This month a new telescope was put into operation at the observatory: a made in-house 300mm Dobsonian, designed for observing occultations - the Laurascope. le Laurascope.

January 2004 :

The year starts with objectives (both lens and targets!). The parc CCD of the observatory is improved by the addition of the Audine cameras. Click here to view!

Over several months we have also benefitted from the new APN Canon G5, which has been used to study several constellations.

30/03/2001 :

Some new web pages have been added: one follows the comet WM1 and another the cometIkeya-Zhang. A plot of the path of asteroid 98WT24 has been animated.

20/01/2001 :

We welcomed the astronomers of Bordeaux to the observatory of Dax for a traditional evening of observing and festivities. HoolDax.

09/01/2001 :

A total eclipse of the Moon ocurred on 9 January 2001. We thank JVC for the loan of a tri-CCD colour camera, JVC, which was fixed on the T318 at the observatory, and used to take images of the phenomena at intervals of one minute, These images were sent out directly from the web site of Ciel et Espace. The images were used to make an animation (706 ko) of the eclipse.

14/12/2000 :

Asteroid 2000 QW7 was found by NEAT on 27/08/2000. The results of a study of parallax affected by this asteroid were published in AUDE by Raoul Behrend of Geneva Observatory. These results can be seen on this page. This study allowed us to calculate the diameter of the Earth with an uncertainty of only 3 km (0.04%)!!!

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